sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

15th of November 2012: World Philosophy Day

Time capsule: send your message to the future!!!

For World Philosophy Day 2012 (15 November), UNESCO invites you to leave a message or objects for future generations in a time capsule, that will be buried at our Paris Headquarters and unearthed in 2062 on the same date.

What would you have to say to those will be alive 50 years from now? What messages or objects would you regards as being essential to pass on to them? Anything that is important to you and therefore of possible interests to future generations.

Each year, World Philosophy Day is a unique opportunity to bring the international community together and encourage thought-provoking discussions on contemporary issues. As the defenses of peace must be constructed in people's minds, it is our duty to work to strengthen those minds through critical thought and mutual understanding

miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Las 4 frases del día de Immanuel Kant
1) No vemos las cosas como son, sino como somos nosotros
2) La paciencia es la fortaleza del débil y la impaciencia la debilidad del fuerte
3) Todo nuestro conocimiento arranca del sentido, pasa al entendimiento y termina en la razón.
4) El sabio puede cambiar de opinión, el necio nunca

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